The Process

Please contact Michael or Nick to discuss your pet’s needs. We will first need to speak with your vet before we start the process. It is very important to get your veterinarian’s input. They know your pet the best.

A fiberglass or plaster mold will be taken of your pet’s affected limb. The mold can be taken by your vet or by us. You and your pet can come to our office or we can make a house call if you are close enough to our office. A casting kit and video will be sent to your veterinarian if they are going to be doing the casting.

The brace or prosthesis will be fit on your pet and they will have a chance to try it out. The fitting process is very important because we fine tune the fit and trim of the brace.

This is the big day! Your pet is going to get their brace. On delivery day will have your pet test out the brace for at 20 minutes. It might take some time for your pet to get used to the brace but after while they will forget it’s even there. Wear and care information will also be given to you at this appointment.

A four month follow up appointment is recommended. Your pet might have put on some muscle or changed shape over the last four months. The brace can be adjusted to accommodate any changes in your pets anatomy.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us.